University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School MSc Aviation Leasing Finance & Law Programme

With the ongoing focus on harnessing data and digital transformation within aircraft leasing companies, Sysco Leasing Software were invited by Patrick Blaney, Chairman of the Aviation Leasing Finance & Law Programme at the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Business School to present and demonstrate Sysco Leasing Software’s Deal Manager and Lease Manager platforms as part of the students’ curriculum learning.

Sysco Leasing Software’s Senior Aviation Leasing Software Consultants Dara Weston, Aviation Leasing Software Product Manager, Steve Hart, Head of Leasing Software Marketing, David Reid and Sysco Software Solutions CEO, Charlie Donnelly attended to share their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the aircraft leasing industry.

Students learnt how Sysco Leasing Software, as a full-featured aircraft leasing software built upon a secure, cloud managed platform provides a comprehensive suite of deal management, lease and asset management features covering technical, financial and resource planning functionality using real-world scenarios across the full-cycle deal completion and aircraft lease management process.

Students were introduced to the technology concepts behind the Sysco Leasing Software; the security of the Microsoft Dynamics technology stack for enterprise businesses and the real-time state-of-business intelligence provided by business applications such as Microsoft Power BI.

The core aim of the MSc in Aviation Leasing Finance & Law Programme is to advance students’ understanding of all aspects of aviation finance, with a specific focus on the practical features of global aviation markets.

All at Sysco Leasing Software wish the students success in their future studies and ongoing careers in the dynamic sector of Aviation Leasing.

For more information regarding internship opportunities with Sysco Leasing Software please contact marketing@sysco-software.com

About Sysco Leasing Software

Sysco Leasing Software is a full-featured aviation lease management platform built upon a secure, cloud managed platform.

Sysco Leasing Software provides a wealth of features to empower aircraft lessors’ deal management and lease management all built upon the Microsoft Technology Stack for Enterprise Businesses providing real-time state-of-business intelligence across all lessor teams from legal, risk, sales and operations.

The two applications contained with the Sysco Leasing Software are Deal Manager and Lease Manager. To find out more about these applications use the links below.

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David Reid
David Reid
Head of Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 : ERP & CRM | Ireland UK & Global | Sysco Software & Sysco Leasing Software

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