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Genesis Aircraft Services choose Sysco Leasing Software for Aircraft Deals and Lease Management

“As a global aircraft leasing firm with a footprint in 30 countries, we require an integrated solution that will handle the full breadth of what we want to offer our customers, whilst at the same time providing Genesis with a platform that can scale with us over the coming years.”

Cian Mackey, Chief Operating & Financial Officer – Genesis Aircraft Services

Every minute, an aircraft managed by SMBC Aviation Capital takes off or lands somewhere in the world. With the strength of their shareholders, SMBC give their airline and investor customers access to an exceptionally broad range of financial solutions. SMBC also provide investment and aircraft management services.

Goshawk is a world-class aircraft leasing company based in Dublin with offices across the globe. Goshawk are continuing to build a portfolio of young fuel-efficient aircraft and now have a committed portfolio of 92 aircraft with an attributable value of approximately US$4.5bn.

FPG Amentum is an aircraft lessor, independent and dedicated servicer to aircraft equity investors as well as banks and debt investors in the aviation sector. FPG Amentum is an Ireland-based full-service provider with all key functions in-house and a scale that puts them amongst the top 30 aircraft lessors.

CDB Aviation Lease Finance (CDB Aviation) is a customer-centric relationship driven organization where we understand an aircraft lease is not simply a single transaction of an airplane lease, rather an engagement and understanding recognizing airlines fleet needs are specific and ever changing.

FTAI’s activity in the aviation sector has been focused on the commercial jet engine leasing market. FTAI has acquired engines either directly or in connection with the acquisition of commercial aircraft. As of March 31, 2018, FTAI’s aviation portfolio includes 58 commercial passenger aircraft and 105 commercial jet engines.

GTLK Europe is an Ireland-based international company, engaged in leasing and trading of a wide range of air and sea vehicles. The company’s main activity includes leasing, trading, remarketing, asset management as well as consulting on commercial aircraft and ship transactions.

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