Track Airline Assets - Anywhere.

Manage Aircraft Leases Anywhere with the Lease Manager Mobile App. Leases travel with you on any web enabled mobile, tablet or desktop. Quickly find and retrieve the information you need, when you need it most.

Sysco Leasing Software connects lessor teams across legal, assets, marketing and finance.

Manage Leases - Anywhere.

Lease Manager access isn’t restricted to the desktop. It’s a fully web / cloud enabled platform that can be used wherever business takes you. On Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices. The Lease Manager is supported on Android, Windows and Apple devices – Manage Aircraft Leases Anywhere…

Team wide functionality.

Unlike other applications, the Sysco Leasing Software Lease Manager maintains it’s full team wide functionality when on a mobile or tablet device – extending even to interactive dashboard experiences. 

Customise mobile only layouts, identify key areas of interest and deploy them across your organisational scope. Setup is easy and the connection is secure.

All relevant lease information is available at the click of a button showing amounts billed and received across main lease categories such as Rent Invoiced, Rent Paid, Securities & Maintenance.

Once Rental Rates are setup, intelligent Aircraft Lease Rent Schedules compensate for non-business days. Get insight into paid and outstanding rent amounts with direct access to customer invoices.

Maintenance Reserve Management enables lessor teams to view the total amounts billed and collected in maintenance reserve event.

Lease Manager includes extensive functionality for Aircraft Asset Management. Assets and Components are created in a parental hierarchy with the ability to drill down into sub-components.

Airline Accounts Management provides visibility of customer and vendor accounts with KPIs for each. View the Customers & Vendors related to each company created within the Lease Manager.

The Aircraft Leasing Invoice Management module within Lease Manager generates invoices on demand or by batch. Invoices are emailed automatically or via an email client such as Microsoft Outlook to the specified email addresses.

Manage Aircraft Leases Anywhere with the Lease Manager Mobile App. Leases travel with you on any web enabled mobile, tablet or desktop.

Version Control Leases, Asset Records, Utilization Records and more. Lease Manager includes an enterprise ready document management platform.

Integrate Deal Manager

Integrate Deal Manager and provide seamless, two-way synchronisation of information across the Sysco Leasing Software platform.

Partnering with Sysco Leasing Software ensures you have a valued and lasting business relationship.

We provide a complete set of Microsoft Dynamics Business Application services to our clients. Our services are delivered and managed exclusively by Sysco Leasing Software employees in Ireland.


From process analysis to comprehensive testing and deployments.

Upgrades & Migrations

Upgrade from legacy lease management platforms to the latest edition of Sysco Leasing Software with full re-implementations support.


Get the most out of your platform investment by implementing new features.

Training & Support

Our tiered Support Plans to assist businesses adopt new platforms and add value.


Aviation Lessor Clients

Sysco Software has been at the forefront of the financial software industry, diligently implementing, upgrading, extending, and providing unwavering support to esteemed clients since the early 1980s. 

With a remarkable four decades of experience in delivering intricate solutions, we take immense pride in our ability to offer services on a global scale.

SMBC Aviation Capital

Every minute, an aircraft managed by SMBC Aviation Capital takes off or lands somewhere in the world. With the strength of their shareholders, SMBC give their airline and investor customers access to an exceptionally broad range of financial solutions. SMBC also provide investment and aircraft management services.

TrueNoord - Regional Aircraft Leasing

TrueNoord provides a flexible, pragmatic and commercial service that supports our customers’ fleet strategies and underpins their business growth.

FPG Amentum

FPG Amentum is an aircraft lessor, independent and dedicated servicer to aircraft equity investors as well as banks and debt investors in the aviation sector. FPG Amentum is an Ireland-based full-service provider with all key functions in-house and a scale that puts them amongst the top 30 aircraft lessors.


Sky Leasing

SKY’s long-term success is built on their core principles: Trust. Innovation. Integrity. Experience. Through their ability to evaluate risk and our experience across multiple market cycles, they have created value for over 100 customers globally, acquiring and leasing over $13 billion of aircraft.


Fortress Aviation

FTAI’s activity in the aviation sector has been focused on the commercial jet engine leasing market. FTAI has acquired engines either directly or in connection with the acquisition of commercial aircraft. 

VMO Aircraft Leasing

Vmo Aircraft Leasing (“Vmo”) is a global commercial aircraft lessor operating through offices in Dublin, San Francisco, and Singapore. The company was launched in January 2021 by a team of aviation industry veterans and funds managed by Private Equity and Credit Groups of Ares Management Corporation.