Manage Aircraft Leases with
Comprehensive Lease KPIs at a glance…

Lease Manager includes a dashboard of active leases with interactive KPI breakdowns and drilldowns that include key facts such as rent paid and pending, securities listed by type, maintenance paid and pending and more. Manage aircraft leases effectively from a single screen.

Manage Aircraft Leases

Collaborate on deals and leases from anywhere in the world - from any device.

Comprehensive Lease KPIs. Get a 360 degree of Aircraft Leases.

Lease Manager provides comprehensive Lease KPIs with drill-down 360 degree views of all lease information. Manage Aircraft Leases with full visibility of rent rates and invoiced posted by the dynamic rent scheduling engine, to part based maintenance reserve allocations and maintenance fund events through to general invoicing, credit memos and purchase orders to, for instance, MRO vendors.

All Aircraft Lease Information in one Central Location.

All relevant lease information is available at the click of a button showing amounts billed and received across main lease categories such as Rent Invoiced, Rent Paid, Securities & Maintenance – KPIs are viewable by the life of the lease and by individual years.

Lease Cards - The do-it-all lease management dashboard.

Manage Aircraft Leases with Lease Cards that provide an in-depth overview of all lease information with drill down functionality to assigned assets, securities, lessor contributions, lease intangibles, rent rates and schedules, maintenance allocations and fund events, through to the utilisation records of leased assets.

A 360 degree view of all lease information

Lease Cards provide an overview of all lease information. View assigned assets, lease securities, lessor contributions and lease intangibles to rates and schedules, MR Allocation and Fund Events through to Utilisation of Leased Assets – with full enterprise reporting. Lease Cards provide information pertaining to securities held for leases with deposit events, in lieu of maintenance reserves or rental payments in the form of cash, letters of credit, guarantees and so on…

Manage Aircraft Leases with a 360 View

Lease Manager

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