Shine a spotlight on team deal activity.

Sysco Leasing Software’s Deal Manager provides a comprehensive audit trail of meetings, emails phone calls, scheduled tasks, notes across accounts, contacts and deals. Manage aircraft sales activities with ease.

Manage Aircraft Sales Activities

Collaborate on deals and leases from anywhere in the world - from any device.

Global Visibility of All Workforce Activities.

In the Deal Manager, Activities are used to keep track of all internal and external communications related to an account, a contact or a deal. For example, you can take notes, send email, make phone calls, set up appointments and assign yourself tasks as you work a deal or resolve an issue.

An Overview of Client
Account History.

The Deal Manager automatically timestamps each activity and shows who created it. You and other people on your team can scroll through the activities to see the history as you work.

Integrate Activities with Microsoft Outlook.

Activities can also be viewed and tracked without having to leave Microsoft Outlook where you can set particular email threads against an account or contact, see assigned tasks and appointment reminders.

Deal Manager

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