Knowledge is power. Global Fleet Integration.

Fleet Management Integration is made easy with the Deal Manager’s integration to Global Fleet Data Sources, Demand, Valuations and News Services. Shape strategic decisions and identify new opportunities.

Fleet Management Integration

Collaborate on deals and leases from anywhere in the world - from any device.

Global Fleet Data at your fingertips...

Deal Manager takes in global fleet data sources, fleet demand and valuations as well as timely news for your accounts and contacts.

Utilise Global Fleet Data within Visualisations...

Deal Manager takes this information and can be configured for use within visualisations allowing you to use the collected data in a constructive way, shape your strategic decisions around industry insights and knowledge.

Our Preferred Integration Partner...

Our preferred integration is with FlightGlobal who provide comprehensive aviation data and insights helping you to discover everything you need to know about the global fleet of aircraft and world schedule to gain insight on current and future market dynamics and drivers.

Deal Manager

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