Manage Deal Documents

Sysco Leasing Software stores, organises and provides versioning control allowing you to manage deal documents with ease. From important deal documents such as bid iterations and LOIs from draft through to final contract.

Collaborate on deals and leases from anywhere in the world - from any device.

Manage Deal Desk Docs.

A central resource for all deal materials.

Deal Manager provides a platform for containing all deal material within a single system and that extends to important documentation such as Bid Iterations and LOIs attributed to a deal or an account or a contact.

Powered by Enterprise Level Technology.

Deal Manager’s document management is not simply a platform for file storage and organisation. It is an Enterprise ready document version control platform backed with the power and security of the Microsoft Technology Stack.

Version Control Deal Documents

This enables lessor teams to store, track, and restore items in a list and files in a library whenever they change. Versioning, when combined with other features, such as document checkout, gives lessors a great deal of control in the content that is posted and attributed to a deal.

Why use Version Control?

Track the history of an LOI

When versioning is enabled, you can see when the LOI was modified and who modified it. You can also see when properties (information about the LOI) were modified.

Restoring a previous version of an LOI

If a mistake or issue has been found in a current revision of an LOI, you can simply replace the current version with a previous one. The restored version becomes the new current version.

View a previous version of a LOI

You can view previous versions without overwriting the current version. If you are viewing version history within a Microsoft Office document, such as Word, you can compare the two versions to determine what changes have been made to the file.

Sysco Leasing Software provides a structured process to deal processes and approvals. Manage aircraft deals with full team access across Draft LOIs, Due Diligence, Signed Contracts and more.

Sysco Leasing Software enables aircraft leasing sales and marketing teams to track new and existing business client opportunities; from origination through to contract and beyond.

Manage the aircraft deal sales pipeline with deal manager. Deal Manager prioritises your most important deals. Focused dashboards provide instant insight into your sales pipeline.

Deal Manager takes in fleets from all major fleet management systems. Manage Aircraft Assets and Portfolios, drill down to asset level with filters.

Sysco Leasing Software’s Deal Manager travels with you – on mobile, tablet and desktop. The aircraft deals mobile app works on any web enabled device.

Deal Manager provides a comprehensive audit trail of meetings, emails phone calls, scheduled tasks, notes across accounts, contacts and deals.

Store, organise and provide version control allowing you to manage deal documents with ease. From important deal documents such as bid iterations from draft through to final contract.

Fleet Management Integration is made easy with the Deal Manager’s integration to Global Fleet Data Sources, Demand, Valuations and News Services. Shape strategic decisions and new opportunities.

Sysco Leasing Software provides seamless, two-way synchronisation of information. Easily integrate Lease Manager, pull and progress deal information for real-time data everywhere.

Global Fleet Integration.

Shape strategic decisions and identify new opportunities.

Integration as Standard.

Integrate with the Lease Manager for real-time data everywhere.

Partnering with Sysco Leasing Software ensures you have a valued and lasting business relationship.

We provide a complete set of Microsoft Dynamics Business Application services to our clients. Our services are delivered and managed exclusively by Sysco Leasing Software employees in Ireland.


From process analysis to comprehensive testing and deployments.

Upgrades & Migrations

Upgrade from legacy lease management platforms to the latest edition of Sysco Leasing Software with full re-implementations support.


Get the most out of your platform investment by implementing new features.

Training & Support

Our tiered Support Plans to assist businesses adopt new platforms and add value.


Aviation Lessor Clients

Sysco Software has been at the forefront of the financial software industry, diligently implementing, upgrading, extending, and providing unwavering support to esteemed clients since the early 1980s. 

With a remarkable four decades of experience in delivering intricate solutions, we take immense pride in our ability to offer services on a global scale.

SMBC Aviation Capital

Every minute, an aircraft managed by SMBC Aviation Capital takes off or lands somewhere in the world. With the strength of their shareholders, SMBC give their airline and investor customers access to an exceptionally broad range of financial solutions. SMBC also provide investment and aircraft management services.

TrueNoord - Regional Aircraft Leasing

TrueNoord provides a flexible, pragmatic and commercial service that supports our customers’ fleet strategies and underpins their business growth.

FPG Amentum

FPG Amentum is an aircraft lessor, independent and dedicated servicer to aircraft equity investors as well as banks and debt investors in the aviation sector. FPG Amentum is an Ireland-based full-service provider with all key functions in-house and a scale that puts them amongst the top 30 aircraft lessors.


Sky Leasing

SKY’s long-term success is built on their core principles: Trust. Innovation. Integrity. Experience. Through their ability to evaluate risk and our experience across multiple market cycles, they have created value for over 100 customers globally, acquiring and leasing over $13 billion of aircraft.


Fortress Aviation

FTAI’s activity in the aviation sector has been focused on the commercial jet engine leasing market. FTAI has acquired engines either directly or in connection with the acquisition of commercial aircraft. 

VMO Aircraft Leasing

Vmo Aircraft Leasing (“Vmo”) is a global commercial aircraft lessor operating through offices in Dublin, San Francisco, and Singapore. The company was launched in January 2021 by a team of aviation industry veterans and funds managed by Private Equity and Credit Groups of Ares Management Corporation.